Originally working as a physiotherapist in hospital and clinic settings for many years, Judy decided to change direction and pursue travel & tourism because of her love of travel, adventure, and photography.

Judy has been actively engaged in her photographic endeavours for many years, through film, darkroom, and digital work.

Her natural inclination draws her to photograph landscapes, nature, and architecture, but enjoys creative adaptations, as well as exploring the interplay of textures and colours in abstracts and fantasy images.

Carm’s interest in photography began in his early teens after his uncle gave him a Mercury II 35mm rangefinder ½-frame camera. At the Optimist Boys Club in St. Catharines he first processed and printed black & white film, and subsequently set up his own darkroom at home for monochrome processing/printing.

Carm began making Cibachrome prints in the mid-1970’s when the process became available in Canada, and began digital printing in 1996 from scanned 35mm, 120, & 4 x 5 sheet film; and from digital files since 2002. He was the first member of Toronto Focal Forum to present digital prints.

Judy & Carm have numerous digital shows with accompanying music and on a variety of topics, which they present under the title GRIFFIN SHORTS (each show is 5-10 minutes in duration) to camera clubs and specific-interest groups in the GTA and surrounding communities. Additionally Judy has a number of presentations she's created specifically for horticultural clubs.

Refer to their EVENTS page for a listing of past and future presentations.